Residence permit in Thailand

Thailand is considered to be one of the leading golf tourism and health tourism destinations in the world. World’s largest companies are investing in Thai economy in recent years, foreigners strongly buy real estate in Thailand. Therefore, the government and business leaders of Thailand have co-operated to create a system which allows to visit Thailand as often as desired and  to stay as long as you need without any difficulties. This program is called the Thailand Elite and has been working for almost 15.
To become the program participant you just need to pay the entrance fee and get a membership card. Then, two weeks before the first visit to Thailand call the Thailand Elite club administration. And to get a five years visa at the consulate or at the airport upon arrival. Visa is automatically renewed each year during the term of membership in the club. Bureaucratic procedures are minimized. You can legally stay in the country as a much time as you need it.

Also Thailand Elite membership provides you comfort and ease in many issues resolving. Meeting at the airport and customs clearance with no queues on a separate corridor, a limousine transfer to your hotel or your home or apartment, free communications assistance with Thai government (driver’s lisence take out, making deals, tax office visits and etc.).
And besides, depending on the Thailand Elite program type (there are seven different types), you rely various bonuses. There are full annual medical examination in the best clinics, free Golf Club leisure, a free service in the SPA and some other nice stuff.

Thailand Elite membership terms system vary from five to twenty years. The price range comes from five hundred thousand baht to two million baht. If you want to know more about the Thailand Elite, and become a privileged member of this club, please contact us, we will help you get into the details and choose the right option for you.

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