Real estate market Part2

The fall of the existing property prices opens up opportunities to the savvy investors. Whereas the existing property prices aren’t expected to recover in the short term, a long term investor can take advantage of the current situation. Since rental prices have remained relatively stable, purchasing rental properties at a discount allows greater Return On Investment (ROI). Annual returns of 7-10% on rental incomes can be found with only a bit of work within the low and mid market properties. The higher end property rentals tend to be seasonal, so the annual rate of income on the higher end properties may not be as high. The drop in the property prices can also be advantageous to those looking to make Thailand their home. Some expats who choose to live here might buy a higher end property for themselves and mid and lower end market properties as rental units to supplement their income. With the mid and lower market properties at or near the bottom, these investments tend to be very safe, low risk, moderate reward investment opportunities. Since the collapse of the construction market in Pattaya, many developers began offering incentives to those with a higher risk tolerance, seeking higher yields and to those who are willing to wait for the construction to be completed. Purchasing properties on spec, directly from developers may yield short term returns of 30-35%. Some of the incentives include straight discounts, others include virtual rent payments of 8-10% annually until the project is completed. Given the current market, the savvy investor can find a new construction project, which may substantially increase in price once construction is completed. The viability of these offers differs depending on the individual projects and the asking price, so it’s very important for the investor to do his due diligence in researching these potential investment opportunities.

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