Beverly Hills of Pattaya

Our project is the most profitable investment today on this seaboard. Our district is now evolving into "Beverly Hills" of Pattaya, right before our eyes. We appreciate your choice and guarantee the construction quality. Our philosophy is high quality of living, healthcare and serenity of mind. You can still buy an apartment 30% cheaper than other Pattaya Cozy Beach projects. Today it is really easy and not expensive to get an apartment on the shore. You don’t need to pay the entire price at once to become the owner of an apartment. We offer flexible payment scheme. You make payment as follows. You pay 20% to contract, 30% for 12 monthly installments, 50% final payment after completion. Please note that we have a special offer now. All the 7th floor apartments (the best view floor of the house) have 3-year rental guarantee. The thing is that, if you give us the apartment for three years management, you get 8% per annum to your own account in equal installments. We are certain of success these apartments will be rented out. The apartments’ cost will significantly increase in three years by the time this area will be completely renewed and developed. Therefore, we can confidently say: you'll get at least 30% income.

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